Nortex provides a variety of inspection services to compliment our designs. We perform the following inspections:
  • Pier
  • Pre Pour
  • Framing (Shear and Full)
  • Slab Elevation Survey
  • Elongation Verification
  • Level A and B Foundation Evaluations
We ask a minimum 24 hour notice for all inspections. We will make every effort to accomodate emergencies. Please call the office line to schedule your inspection.
Ph: 817-379-0866  

Inspections are an essential part of the construction process. Nortex can provide professional, timely, accurate, third party representation to meet the exacting demands of your projects. Nortex inspectors are trained professionals with years of experience in commercial and residential construction. When you need to ensure compliance with the latest codes from the IRC, IBC, Post tension Institute, and other governing bodies turn to the trained Professionals at Nortex.

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